StockTactics, a social investing network dedicated to Caixa customers, aims to share and discuss stock market strategies


 Stocktactics logoCountry: Spain
Year: Fall 2013

  • Learn trading techniques from experienced investors helping to stimulate investments on Bolsa Abierta
  • Private social network fosters customer retention
  • Bolsa Abierta has 1M users and manages more than 75% of all security operations carried out by the bank


  • Stocktactics is a social network that allows users to discuss stock market strategies and learn from the experienced traders
  • The platform is dedicated to la Caixa customers and aims to promote its online broker service, Bolsa Abierta, proposing the following set of services :
    • Share experience and discuss stock market strategies
    • Set up a shared portfolio, whether it is real or simulated, and follow its progress under real market conditions
    • View the profiles and portfolios of their fellow investors
    • Have access to the ranking of the most popular shares in the community, the most profitable portfolios, and the most active investors (rewarded)
  • The community can be accessed online and via an app

Screenshot showing an investor’s profile:

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