Kroodle, an initiative of Aegon insurance, is a Facebook-Based Insurance to reduce administration, costs, and fraud


Kroodle Logo

Country: Luxembourg
Year: 2013

Facebook-based insurance purchase method to address the Y-generation audience, and provide them with the right insurance tools, with the intention of making life easier, sharing experiences, discovering new things and saving time.

  • Kroodle is the paperless version launched by Aegon designed for smartphone users, uniquely selling products via Facebook
  • The service is only available for customers that have a Facebook account, and are comfortable using it for business purposes
  • All interactions, discussions, updates from the company can be easily posted on a Facebook wall
  • Any customer claim is also posted on the Facebook wall of the user
  • Users can log into either on their mobile or the web, choose the insurance type they want to buy and then connect to Facebook via the website. In less than one minute, using the option of credit card payment, the user is insured
  • The insurance products are branded as “Kroodle” but are sold under the Aegon insurance group