Bitproof is a digital contract and legal document creation tool using blockchain


Country: USAbitproof
Year: 2015

  • Develop intellectual property protection: An insurance company could develop an insurance offer providing intellectual property protection for customers. In this offer an insurance company could recommend its clients to use Bitproof as a secured tool to certify documents, ensure their protection etc. In exchange, Bitproof customers would get a discount.
  • Internal document protection: This technology could be very useful for the protection of white papers written by a firm’s employees.


  • Bitproof is a substitute for notarial acts to certify documents, contracts etc. using blockchain technology
  • Using SealX propretiary technology, the user uploads documents onto the platform whereby they are sealed into the blockchain and cannot be tampered with. The user then receives a unique digital certificates which is proof of authenticity.
  • The user can then download the certified documents to their computer
  • Storage is currently limited to 50 Mb

Consumer Benefits

  • Timeless proof of ownership: the documents can not get lost or modified and are timelessly encrypted and stored in the blockchain. Even if Bitproof were to disappear, its proof would last for ever
  • Avoid hassle of lawsuits: this tool allows to find the original documents and have a legal proof in case of a lawsuit

How to use

  • The user registers for free online. Documents are dropped and dragged onto the platform, which issues the proof and the document can either be sent directly by email or stored on Dropbox or other similar cloud platforms
  • Please click on the image below if you want to access an article about bit proof


(Louison Dumont, the founder of Bitproof)