CurrencyCloud is a cost-effective service for small businesses to make fast and trusted international payments


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Year: 2012

Currency cloud could be useful for small businesses to: 

  • Lower their small international payments with no hidden costs
  • Make payments easier by internationalizing their systems (payroll systems, invoicing systems, accounting systems)  


  • CurrencyCloud improves payment services offered by financial institutions, brokers, IFAs, online and mobile payment providers, pre-paid card providers, digital currency exchanges, among others
  • By utilizing The Currency Cloud as their core payments platform, these firms lower their own costs and deliver a more transparent and lower cost service to their clients
  • Also, services are delivered to corporations through channel partners – embedding CurrencyCloud capabilities (via XBPConnect API) within corporate treasury services such as ERP, Accounting and E-invoicing, to significantly improve businesses workflows and integration, reducing transaction costs, operational risk, and overhead for businesses

Consumer Benefits

  • Currency conversions: With their Conversion Manager, a client can convert over 40 currencies
  • Transparency: is assured by the mid-market rate so a client can see exactly what the conversion will cost him

How it works  

  • The CEO, Michael Laven talks about CurrencyCloud