AutoBrain uses a connected device and a free app to help its users monitor their car to improve safety


Country: USA autobrain
Year: 2016

An insurance company could use this innovation in order to: 

  • Motor insurance: Integrate AutoBrain within a motor insurance offer in order to foster prevention based on car “health”. AutoBrain can be coupled with Pay as you Drive offer.
  • Target parents: Propose car location / tracking / curfew services to parents and build awareness of an insurance company brand with teenagers and young adults.
  • Assistance: Propose pro-active contact from an insurance company assistance partners based on data generated by AutoBrain (example: in case if a risk of flat tire, suggest the nearest mechanics partners).


  • AutoBrain is a connected car platform using a small cellular device that users need to plug into the OBD (on board diagnostic port) of their car, to monitor it and send their users alerts through a smartphone, tablet and desktop app or put them on the phone with assistants.
  • AutoBrain is currently beta testing its service including car health monitoring, roadside assistance, fuel prices, car locator, and teen monitoring with the setup of a curfew and push-up notifications. For instance, users can require roadside assistance through the app to be delivered new tires, batteries or extrication/winching services at their exact location. In case of an accident, AutoBrain emergency advisors will automatically try to contact the user in real-time to know his/her condition and send emergency responders to his/her precise GPS location if needed. Teen driver safety mode alerts users when their teenagers are driving too fast or if they are driving past their curfew.
  • While AutoBrain, Akolyt by Drust and Automatic have similar main functionalities, they display differentiating features: AutoBrain enables its users to set car curfews, Akolyt provides tips and analytics to lower its user’s fuel consumption and improve his/her driving behavior, and Automatic is compatible with two wearables (Apple Watch and Pebble Classic).

Consumer Benefits

  • Easy to use: AutoBrain is easy to install in the user’s car and to use on smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Security: Car monitoring decreases risks related to car accident since car accidents are the first cause of teen deaths in America, seniors have the 2nd highest crash death rate per mile driven, just behind teenagers and car accidents are the first cause of injury deaths for people ages 5-24 and the second cause of injury deaths for people over 25.
  • Contract termination: Users can end the contract and their subscription ($15/month) to AutoBrain whenever suited.

How to use

  • Users order the AutoBrain device online and plug it into the OBD of their car (only applicable on cars built after 1996).
  • After downloading the free AutoBrain smartphone app, users can turn on special features like teen safety mode, car finder or contact a trained advisor.