ArtBeat Virtual Reality launched several VR apps compatible with Google Cardboard to sensitize users to property risk detection through immersive experiences


Country: NetherlandsArtBeat Virtual Reality
Year: 2015

  • Coaching: use VR apps as a tool to coach experts on risk detection.
  • Prevention: leverage VR to sensitize customers to risks, their potential impacts and their prevention (for example, in their homes).


  • ArtBeat Virtual Reality is a creative agency that develops VR apps compatible with Google Cardboard.
  • VR Interpolis is a VR app designed for real estate agents, insurance experts, house owners and logistics managers to detect potential risks in business environment such as a building (inside and outside), a factory basement, a warehouse stocks, an office, etc., by taking users into a virtual world. Users of the app can experience through VR what would be the impacts if certain risks occurred (for instance, explosion due to an old oil barrel in a backyard) and learn how these risks are preventable.
  • VR Fire Drill is a VR app designed for house owners to understand how to deal with disaster scenarios in and around the house (such as fire propagation). For example, the screen displays a virtual house where a fire has started at a certain spot and is spreading fast. The user has to find his/her way out following the blue arrows appearing on the screen.

Consumer Benefits

  • Gamification: ArtBeat VR apps gamifies the users sensitization to everyday life risk through VR experience.
  • Good behavior adoption: users can learn how to react properly when facing a risk or danger.
  • Stress limitation: VR immersive experiences train users to handle stressful situations better.

How to use

  • Users download a VR app on their smartphone for free, launch the app and insert their smartphone into a Google Cardboard.
  • In VR Interpolis, users wander around a warehouse and have to detect potential risky situations (dangerous machine, unstable pile of cardboards, etc.) to keep moving.
  • In VR Fire Drill, users have to find the source of the fire, rescue kids and find their way out to remain safe.


  • Video demo about Interpolis app through Google Cardboard

  • Video demo Interpolis Fire Drill app through Samsung Gear