Rigs tailor-made for GoPros are launched by several companies to ally 360° videos and the best image quality among action cameras available on the market


Country: United Statesgopro
Year: 2012

  • Niche market: rigs for high-definition action cameras still concern a small market (mostly professionals), especially given the high prices.
  • Internal communication: rigs could be used to record internal events.
  • Content creation: use rigs to create content to feed apps, YouTube channel, Facebook pages… and any other supports.


  • Several companies such as Freedom360, 360Heros, Kolor and GoPro, develop mounts and frames that hold several GoPro cameras (from 6 to 16, Hero3/3+/4) to record videos that can be stitched via software into a full spherical 360° video, compatible with 360° video platforms (YouTube 360, Facebook, etc.). Cameras are controlled via the GoPro Wi-Fi remote.
  • The first rig of GoPros was released in 2012 by Freedom360, integrated 6 GoPros (Hero2) and costed $4500 (GoPros included).
  • Nowadays most rigs for GoPros can hold together 6 or 7 GoPros (Hero3/3+/4) and cost $500 (GoPros not included).
  • Kolor has developed an underwater rig (until 150m depth) for 6 GoPros (Hero3/3+/4) that costs $5450 (GoPros not included). Freedom360 is currently developing a cheaper underwater rig.
  • GoPro has launched Odyssey (16-camera rig, $15.000, GoPro Hero4 included) in September 2015 and plans to launch Omni (6-camera rig, $500, GoPros not included, no release date available as of April 2016) to align its prices with those of its main competitors.
  • A GoPro battery works from one up to three hours.

Consumer Benefits

  • Image quality: GoPro cameras offer the best image quality among all action cameras available on the market (as of April 2016).
  • Compatible with YouTube 360: GoPro content is stitchable into 360° views compatible with YouTube 360 channel.

How to use

  • Users order their rig on the suppliers’ websites (Freedom360, 360Heros, GoPro, Kolor), insert the GoPros into the appropriate slots and fix them with the mounting braces.
  • Then users mount the rig to the support (i.e. monopod), and start recording, controlling cameras with the Wi-Fi remote (included with Hero3/3+, to be purchased separately with other GoPros).


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