Akimbo allows to create sub prepaid cards and manage them online or by the mobile app


Country: United Statesakimbocard
Year: 2013

  • Empower the customer to manage their sub-cards community.
  • Clever approach to target unbanked young people through their parents and generate new contracts.


  • Akimbo is a distributor of Visa pre-paid card. It allows to create up to 5 pre-paid cards for your family, friends or for business purposes.
  • You can link these cards with your bank accounts and manage the amounts you put on it.
  • The owners of the cards can see all transactions done on his cards or also disable, load money, etc. through online platform or mobile app.
  • The cards requested are sent by mail.
  • Features:
    • Identification via Facebook connect
    • Send money instantly for free to all Akimbo users by Facebook, SMS or email
    • Check deposit through check photography
    • Add photos, notes, and ratings to your transactions. Share this on Facebook
    • Request money from anyone