Lymo proposes to everyday investors to participate in collective investments in low risk new real estate


Country: Francelymo
Year: 2013

  • 2013: all projects over-subscribed by 20% on average
  • Projection of 10 projects in 2014 and 20 in 2015
  • Interesting fact: the group has raised EUR 500 000 in its first fundraiser on Wiseed, a crowdfunding platform


  • Collective real estate micro-promoting to focus on low-risk products: construction of modern residences of fewer than 10 apartments near major city centers
  • For each project, only 20% are financed by crowdfunding (40% is a bank loan making it necessary to have already sold half of the apartments and 40% from VEFA – funds advanced by apartment buyers)
  • If 3/5 of the remaining apartments cannot be sold, Lymo can reimburse capital and return to crowdfounders (no reimbursement if more apartments cannot be sold)
  • offers individuals to invest collectively (up from EUR 1 000) and to receive a return of 10% per annum