Me Bank set a kiosk at workplaces for online banking operations, video conferences and even appointments


Country: Australiamebank
Year: 2013

  • The Kiosks combine face-to-face and digital banking and address the difficulty many people have finding time to go to their bank
  • The Bank already provides its Workplace Banking service at more than 55 worksites across Australia


  • The five metre-square Kiosk is like a miniature ‘high-tech’ bank branch, which operates on an employer’s worksite
    • ATM
    • Access to internet banking
    • Video phone to access ME Bank’s call center
    • Private office space for meetings with a Workplace Banking Manager to find ways to boost their savings, apply for a home loan, or look for ways to save time and money through the free 10-Minute Banking Health Check
  • Me Bank works with employers to design a visitation schedule that suits the employees