State Farm offers special discounts to their customers on the Iris Safe and Secure kit and the Iris Smart Home kit, in addition to home insurance discounts


Country: United Statesstate farm
Year: 2013


State Farm customers can get discounts on IRIS Lowe home kits:

  • Offers from IRIS to State Farm Customers
    • $25 off Iris Smart Kit
    • $10 off Iris Safe & Secure Kit
  • Offers from State Farm to IRIS users
    • Homeowners discount up to 2%
    • Renters discount up to 7%
    • Discount not dependent on customer behavior
  • Distribution channels
    • State Farm insured clients can purchase IRIS products by directly contacting the IRIS call center or online to choose a product quoting their policy number

Consumer Benefits

  • State Farm offers:
    • Coupons for $10 discounts for Iris Safe & Secure Kits and $25 discounts for Iris Smart Kits
    • 2% discounts on homeowners insurance for those who have installed these systems at their homes
  • Iris, a cloud-based platform from Lowe’s, can help reduce losses by allowing users to remotely monitor and control home devices, including smoke alarms and water sensors, from anywhere using a smart phone, PC or tablet