Tigo, a Telecom operator and a micro insurance company Bima provide a free life insurance based on the airtime consumption of customers


Country: Africatigobima
Year: 2011

  • Freemium is also applied on insurance products to gain market share
  • Time spent on the phone can be a source of revenue
  • A lack in the distribution channel (no branch) can be covered by a partnership with a telecom company


  • Customers receive free life insurance for themselves and one family member, ranging from $104 (£67) to $520 depending on how much airtime (mobile phone) they use in a month
    • Customers can stay on the free plan indefinitely if the monthly airtime requirement is met, or can choose to double it by paying $0.68 per month, which gives them up to $1,040 of insurance cover
    • Tigo teamed up with Bima, a Swedish company specializing in mobile insurance, Vanguard Life Assurance, a local insurer, and MicroEnsure
    • Family care insurance was adjudged the most successful micro insurance scheme in the country last year by the National Insurance Commission (400 k customers)