Tokio Marine and Docomo have partnered to develop contextual insurance products using mobile application


Country: Japantokio-marine
Year: 2011

  • Business alliance between an insurer and a mobile carrier allows to develop one day insurance and a new way to collect premiums
  • Personalization of the product offered by geolocation allows proactive push for contextual insurance


  • Tokio Marine tied up with mobile carrier Docomo to provide a series of insurance products which can be bought “on the spot” depending on the customer location (geolocation) and paid through the mobile application directly on the telco bill
  • Three products have been launched:
    • One Time Insurance (April 2010) covers customers when they are practicing sports or during their travels (based on geo location alert)
    • Daily medical Insurance (July 2011), based on system of points, according to daily workout and diet of insurers
    • One day auto insurance (Oct. 2011) one day insurances aimed at those who drive occasionally