Umpqua banks designed local branches and participates in local neighbourhood life


Country: United Statesumpqua-bank-logo
Year: 2011

  • The opening of the first branch attracted 1 million of deposits and 50 million 9 moths after
  • In 16 years, Umpqua Bank has grown from 6 branches and $ 150 million in assets to 183 branches and $ 11 billion in asset


  • Branches are transformed into living areas:
    • Salon area with coffee and computers to check personal accounts and connect to internet
    • “Discover Wall” to learn about events in the neighborhood and on the products marketed by the bank
    • Display of local handcrafts and items sold in the neighborhood (T-shirt, music, books ..,)
    • “Return on Quality measurement” performed once a month in the branches
    • Premises available to neighborhood residents for meetings and art events
    • Promotion of local entrepreneurship with the distribution of a “lemonade entrepreneur” kit for children