USAA has integrated customer reviews on its online catalogue in order to favor dialogue and transparency


Country: United Statesusaa
Year: 2014

  • Leverage on a mobile virtual assistant to assist customers on-the-go
  • Create a customer journey integrating both digital tools and human interactions


  • The USAA insurance group has launched a smart virtual assistant available on mobile app, that is able to answer automatically to customers questions related to their bank account
  • Conversations with the virtual assistant are conducted by chat or voice – which is particularly convenient for drivers
  • The virtual assistant can interpret sophisticated formulations, based on the previous questions asked by the customer on the app
  • Through the connection to the customer’s banking account, the assistant is able to:
    • Search in the client’s bank account (eg: how much money I spent last month?)
    • Execute a financial transaction (eg: pay my electric bill on Tuesday)
  • The customer can switch from the virtual assistant to a real USAA agent if the answer is not satisfactory. The conversation starts where it has stopped on the app