YAAP (Partnership Telefonica, Caixa Bank and Santander), Spain


Country: Spainyaap
Year: 2014


  • Effectively launched in April 2014 after receiving regulatory clearance by the EU, Yaap is a partnership between Telefonica, Caixa Bank and Santander Bank targeting at developing globally new innovative digital services linked to mobile/digital commerce and banking
  • Two products have been launched: YAAP Money (mobile P2P money transfers and payments) and YAAP SHOPPING (virtual showroom where thousands of stores can interact with hundreds of thousands of potential customers).

Consumer Benefits

  • Open service, available to everyone, independent of their banking entity or telecommunication operator.
  • Alliance between 3 of the main players in Spain with global ambition and presence
  • A specific target of YAAP SHOPPING on assisting SMEs to leverage the digital/mobile capabilities and scalability
  • Limitations:
    • Recent and developing offer
    • Limited to mobile payments and mobile commerce at this stage
    • No mobile banking product offering yet