Day: May 30, 2016

SODA, a mobile security start-up providing the founding layer to secure files and communications across all platforms

Country: Singapore Year: 2014 Launched in 2014, SODA, a mobile security solutions start-up, is dedicated to Mobile Token Virtualization Infrastructure. The company uses advanced Token Virtualization Technology as a security infrastructure to implement mobile PKI security for mobile apps and payments. SODA’s main target are enterprise customers. Its tokenization is a cross-platform Enterprise Security Infrastructure which […]

Ironfly Technologies: a revolutionary trading platform applying neuroscience and cognitive psychology

Country: Hong Kong Year: 2013 Founded by 2 biomedical scientists, Ironfly Technologies offers a trading platform with instant insights into real-time market data. The platform applies the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology to make the real-time data fast, intuitive and visual for asset managers and investment dealers. Ironfly Technologies was one of the seven start-ups […]