Ironfly Technologies: a revolutionary trading platform applying neuroscience and cognitive psychology


Country: Hong Kong
Year: 2013ironfly logo

Founded by 2 biomedical scientists, Ironfly Technologies offers a trading platform with instant insights into real-time market data.

The platform applies the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology to make the real-time data fast, intuitive and visual for asset managers and investment dealers.

Ironfly Technologies was one of the seven start-ups selected to participate in the FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific in 2015.


  • The platform is targeting finance professionals working in fast changing environments such as portfolio managers and traders.
  • Ironfly is leveraging neuroscience and cognitive psychology to enhance response time and decision quality for investors so that valuable opportunities previously missed can be captured.
  • Ironfly Technologies is expanding to London to seek a larger customer base and needed talents. The Fintech company is also expanding its target market to Singapore and Japan.

Consumer Benefits

  • Cutting-edge Technology: Backed by advanced neuroscience and cognitive psychology, the technology supports information intake, decision making, and compliance risk factors mitigation.
  • Flexible Solutions: Its modular product suite is self-customized so that the system can adapt to customers’ specific requirements and existing configuration environment via seamless integration with any 3rd party or proprietary trade workflow applications.
  • Cross-platform Insights: The real-time and interactive portfolio, position, and trade reports can be accessed across platforms including desktop terminals and mobile devices.

How it works

  • Integrate modular Ironfly suite to the existing third party or proprietary trade workflow applications and configure to meet specific requirements.
  • Start trading with a multi-asset platform, with system engineered using neuroscience. Identify opportunities and respond to information provided faster and more efficiently.
  • Use Ironfly’s system to enhance capacity and cognition in support of decision making. For more information on Ironfly’s scientific approach and cognition enhancement, click here.

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