Brolly is UK’s first artificial intelligence-powered insurance application which helps users choose the best insurance policy on the market


Country: UKBrolly
Year: September 2015

  • Place an insurance company’s insurance products on Brolly’s platform to increase visibility: Brolly already signed several partnerships with insurers. Brolly could help an insurance company place their products to the right customer, at the right time & place.
  • Develop an an insurance company branded insurance concierge (PFM type): an insurance company could develop an offer of their own, allowing users to get a complete view of their insurance products and proposing (based on user profiles) contextual recommendations.
  • Underwriting inclusion tool: the use of a tool such as Brolly to automate the underwriting process and suggest best product.


  • Brolly is a personal insurance concierge which informs customers about their insurance policies, with features such as alerts on the level of insurance (over or under-insured), missing or duplicates insurance covers. Brolly also acts as an insurance comparator helping the customer to get the best price on a given insurance.
  • As a Personal Financial Management (PFM) tool built on artificial intelligence, the application gives users the ability to manage all of their policies and documents in one place with instant access to prices, documents and contact numbers. Users can also renew their policy with one tap.
  • Currently at the beta-testing phase with 100 early customers and a waiting list of a few thousand, Brolly currently has no public release date until testing is completed.
  • The company intends to launch personalised product lines for users in the next few years.

Consumer Benefits

  • Tailor made: users have personalised results based on their needs and current insurance coverage.
  • UX: clean layout and easy to navigate ensures users have a better consumer experience.
  • Transparency: consumers can clearly compare their existing policies and search for similar offers at better prices.

How it works

  • As of August 2016, the Brolly is available to interested users who can download a beta version of the app from the UK iTunes store. An Android version is said to be released soon.
  • Users download the application and answer a questionnaire on their lifestyle and needs then add their current insurance policies.
  • Brolly analyses each user’s responses and existing coverage to suggest policies, information and insights.



  • Brolly featured in Insurance Tech Insights (CB Insights)


  • Brolly founder Phoebe Hugh reflects on Brolly’s first year