PremFina provides brokers with market leading premium finance software and competitive loan facility

Country: London
Year: 2010

  • PremFina is an abbreviation for ‘Premium Finance’ where brokers can use the software PremFina in order to issue their own financing agreement, have their own-branded premium finance facility and maintain touch points with their customers
  • PremFina is regulated by the FCA
  • Key figures:
    • £3m invested in their SaaS software
    • Half of a dozen brokers have singing on
    • Revenue of £1.6m in 2016
    • £42m bank debt financing


  • PremFina solution supports the broker’s book of business with a competitive loan facility
  • PremFina offfers a SaaS software platform that effectively facilitates the management of broker-branded insurance finance agreementsPremfina


Consumer Benefits

  • Plug and Play: The solution offering is based on SaaS (software as a service) enabling quicker implementation and no requirement of an additional broker bank accounts
  • Higher profits: Brokers receive higher profits by receiving better interest-rate than competitors. Moreover, it offers the possibility to cross-sell and up-sell additional products
  • Brand personalization: Brokers gets their own-branded premium finance facility
  • Facility: PremFina enables their customers to pay via monthly installment plans

How to use