AdviceGames combines gamification, machine learning and predictive analytics to help financial services providers improve their customers’ financial health and understanding


Country: the NetherlandsAdvicegames

Year: 2013


  • AdviceGames is a B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) for financial service providers who are looking to boost customers’ financial understanding and performance, and mitigate risk
  • These tools are provided through AdviceRobo engine, an Artificial Intelligence platform that uses data from financial institutions for behavioural analytics
  • The platform aggregates data from over 1,000 data points and carries out behavioural finance studies on customer data to analyse patterns, and personal motivations to create an overall picture for financial service providers
  • Data-driven machine learning encourages customers to play out their future and learn valuable financial lessons and apply them to everyday life
  • Offers four types of products:
    • Games and gamified apps (e.g. Risk game launched in March 2015)
    • AdviceGames as a serious service platform (using AI)
    • Gameboards for customer engagement management
    • Gabriel ‘the Virtual Guardian Angel’ (robo-advice platform) for customer guidance and data crunches to provide adapted customer solutions
  • Products are distributed through financial institutions or other Fintechs and platforms
  • The service does not stretch to investing funds, yet it explains that by educating customers, customers are well-informed to make their own investment decisions

Consumer Benefits:

  • Informative: end customers increase their financial knowledge
  • Tailor-made: solutions based on behaviour, goals and risk profile
  • Fun: and interactive way of learning through online gamification

How To Use: 

  • Illustration: