Fundshop makes wealth management accessible to the mass market


Country: FranceFundshop

Year: 2013


  • Launched in February 2015 after being inspired by American robo-advisors such as Wealthfront and Betterment, the founder of Fundshop decided to create an automated advisor for French life insurance clients
  • Fundshop advises its clients on existing contracts (such as those of Boursorama, Fortuneo and ING Direct) as well as those of traditional banks and insurers without clients needing to open a Fundshop account
  • Clients can choose between 9 different life insurance contracts and find the optimal portfolio for their needs

Consumer Benefits

  • Personalisation: each time the customer uses the application, offers, recommendations and ways of interaction are adapted to the customer’s needs
  • Freemium model: basic functions for those looking to invest with additional monthly fees for multiple contracts (up to €14/month)
  • Simplicity: easy to use tools and clean UX

How To Use

  • Clients answer a questionnaire to define their risk tolerance and desired performance
  • A simulator defines the optimal allocation budget and allows them to test different life insurance portfolios
  • Fundshop selects suitable products according to risk appetite and budget
  • The wallet is created, funds are added, and the user follows the market whilst receiving advice throughout the contract


Founder Leonard de Tilly explains Fundshop’s concept