As a Peer-to-Peer insurance platform, WorldCover connects investors and farmers in the developing world

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Year: 2015


Founded in 2015 with the help from Y Combinator (a prestigious seed accelerator), Worldcover is a Peer-to-Peer investments platform providing insurance to farmers in developing regions around the world.


  • The platform connects smallholder farmers and investors. Farmers purchase insurance for their crops in the case of a natural disaster or a bad harvest, and investors receive diversified returns and an opportunity to generate positive social impact.
  • Aiming to provide insurance for up to 200,000 farmers worldwide, WorldCover promotes financial inclusion making access to insurance easier for farmers.
  • The company uses satellites to monitor rainfalls and other natural events, and triggers automatic payouts to customers to mitigate losses.

Consumer Benefits

  • Improved financial stability for the farmers: the platform improves the financial stability of farmers in developing regions of the world by giving them access to insurance products.
  • Effectiveness: investors can quickly invest into a project through the platform and earn a profit while knowing that they are investing into a social project.

How To Use

  • Investors can choose among different categories of farmers around the world looking for insurance for different risks, for example:
    –   Maize farmers in Ghana;
    –   Coffee farmers in Peru;
    –   Rice farmers in the Dominican Republic.
  • Then, investors receive a portion of premiums paid by the farmer.
  • If a drought or a natural disaster occurs, investors’ funds are used to pay the damage.


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