Ladder offers simplified online term life insurance policies with customisable coverage


Country: USAladder

Year: 2015


  • Insurance startup Ladder offers term life insurance policies with coverage to support family and friends in the case of bereavement, ensure children’s education, cover mortgage payments and financial support for elderly relatives
  • Ladder targets American citizens and permanent residents between 20 and 60 years of age.
  • Through partnerships with third party insurers, users can opt for term policies between ten and thirty years, depending on required coverage, savings and personal projects
  • Users can layer or bridge insurance policies (called laddering) over time as personal circumstances change as well as customising coverage. The firm also provides a free medical exam if needed and coverage starts immediately after the first payment
  • Currently licensed and regulated in California, Ladder is currently working on acquiring other US state licenses
  • Ladder states that it does not provide professional financial advice

Consumer Benefits

  • Tailor made: policies designed to fit the user’s budget that can be adjusted over time
  • Zero fees: or brokers to pay as users purchase life insurance policies directly through Ladder’s site, eliminating commissioned sales agents
  • Instant coverage: from the moment the policy is open online
  • 100% online: process takes less than ten minutes and zero paperwork

How To Use

  • Currently unavailable to the general public, Ladder is building a base of early users who can sign up through the waiting list on Ladder’s site