MassUp is a B2B white-label insurance platform for companies to sell niche insurance for lifestyle products such as cameras and sports equipment


Country: Germanymassup1

Year: 2015


  • German startup MassUp offers a white label solution for insurance companies and other financial distribution channels to directly sell insurance for lifestyle products such as bicycles and smartphones
  • MassUp has launched an online tool that these companies use as a Software as a Service (SaaS) to sell over 150 insurance products directly to the end customers
  • Seven different product categories are available: electronics, travel and mobility, lifestyle, pets, musical instruments, sports equipment, and assistance products, all of which MassUp considers to be growing insurance markets
  • The small insurance products are available to MassUp’s partners (e.g. SMEs) from specialist insurers who provide high commissions and selected products
  • To generate revenue, MassUp takes a flat-rate setup fee and then a small percentage on each contract sold through its API
  • MassUp handles the entire process from insurance request and online payments to contract validation and commission payoffs
  • The company is rolling out in Germany before looking at an international expansion

Consumer Benefits

  • Plug and play: for insurers’ and partners’ (SMEs, e-commerce sites) who find it difficult to sell through their mass market channels
  • Cross-selling opportunities: of different products with high commissions
  • Omni-channel: interface which works on PCs, tablets, mobiles…

How To Use

  • Interested German-based insurers can contact MassUp through their site for more information


MassUp founders discuss the insurance industry (German only)