Voitrax is a platform which captures voice, text, and other communication records to reconstruct trades and ensure compliance with Dodd-Frank regulatory requirements


Country: Israëlimage1

Year: 2014

Founded by seasoned Wall Street former executives as well as technology professionals, Voitrax uses a blend of advanced technologies to create a solution that fulfills broker-dealers’ current and future regulation compliance requirements.


  • Using a blend of advanced technologies, Voitrax is a solution aiming to solve the problem of compliance with current and future regulation of the financial industry.
  • It uses a patented algorithm which processes multiple sources of communication data to ensure full compliance with the Dodd-Frank Act about consumer Protection (1.35a and 23.201-3).
  • The algorithm categorizes clients’ communication trade records to ensure complete compliance. Then, the information is instantly available for reporting on demand and compliant with the Dodd-Frank Act.
  • Voitrax’s product distribution strategy is B2B, through other fintech companies and platforms.
  • The system integrates good knowledge and context of the market in order to avoid mistakes.

Consumer Benefits

  • Ensures compliance: due to exhaustive communication tracking, the platform ensures complete compliance.
  • Saves time: the algorithm processes the data in real-time and produces reports on demand.