Grizz is a touch-based device placed inside a vest, guiding the partially-sighted, visually impaired and the blind through vibrations, connected to a smartphone app


Country: Francegrizz

Year: 2015


  • Grizz was introduced in January 2015 at the Futurotextiles 3 show in Paris, as a connected vest, with two vibratory haptic (haptic or kinesthetic communication recreates the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations, or motions to the user)sensors installed, one on each side of the vest, linked with a corresponding app on the user’s smartphone
  • Once the user dictates his destination to the app, it integrates with the GPS of the smartphone while synchronizing with the Grizz system of the app
  • The vest vibrates on the left or right shoulder indicating the user to turn to the corresponding direction
  • When both vibrators start to buzz, it signifies that the user has arrived at the destination

Consumer Benefits

  • App optimized for usage by any type of audience: the application and vest is designed with a focus on the visually challenged, but is also optimized for usage by anyone, such as tourists, vacationers, the elderly, children etc.
  • Freedom from headphones: with the usage of Grizz, there isn’t any need to use headphones or any audible devices. The vibrations are sufficient to guide the user
  • Increased hands-free mobility: ease of use to arrive at the destination, once the user dictates the final address to the app

How To Use

  • Install the Grizzy app on the phone, wear the vest, and dictate the destination address to the app
  • Let the vest’s vibrations guide the user to their destination
  • Once both the sensors start to vibrate simultaneously, it means that the user has arrived at their destination