Inuka Pap is a SMS mobile based micro-loan and micro-insurance platform that allows low income earners access to finance and insurance products


Country: Kenya

Year: 2015


  • iNuka Pap is a mobile instant loan platform that provides savings deposits and micro-credit for Micro-Finance Institutions (MFI) and Savings and Credit Cooperative members (SACCOs)
  • Members can also subscribe an insurance for themselves and their family at a low cost (0,02$ a day) or have access to prepaid electricity and airtime services
  • The SACCO partner pre-determines member loan limits based on their savings
  • Information about platform registration and loan limit is communicated directly by SMS and instantly disburses the loan amount on the users’ mobile wallet

Consumer Benefits

  • Instant cash: Users can access instant micro-loans right on their mobile phones at anytime
  • Mobile Money: 75% Kenyans use Mobile money and 25% of them on a daily basis

How To Use

  • The user has to sign-up via their mobile phone and then receives an SMS with information on platform registration and his pre-qualified loan limit amount
  • The user can then request a loan at or below that amount, which is instantly disbursable through iNuka Pap’s mobile platform