RightInDem aims to speed up the claims process for automobile users via its online self-service platform

Country: UK

Year: 2016


  • RightIndem allows users to produce their insurance claims on their own. With the virtual damage assessment, clients are able to select area(s) of damage and upload pictures and videos to provide an accurate representation of their vehicle’s damage
  • Insurers can provide a faster decision making of the likely cost of the claim without the need of a professional damage evaluator
  • Once the claim is complete, RightIndem provides information of trusted repair shops with convenient scheduling

Consumer Benefits

  • Ownership: this software puts the customer at the heart of the claims process, enabling them to dictate the pace of the process
  • Speed: customers have the opportunity to complete the process as quickly as possible and get back to normal
  • Transparency: this app allows users to receive simple status update during the process and providing regular customized feedback
  • Payment control: RightIndem includes a payment tool capturing the payment details and allowing clients to pay instantly

How To Use

  • Currently under development, interested users can contact RightIndem
  • More information coming soon from RightIndem website