Obi is a robotic feeder designed to help caregivers or independent disabled users at mealtimes


Country: USA

Year: 2016


  • Obi is a robotic arm that enables people with disabilities to feed themselves by scooping and delivering food to the mouth
  • It is designed to require minimal third-party implication by “learning” where your mouth is located so that it brings food directly to your mouth – the arm can be positioned manually to the desired location and from then on, the robot will remember that position and return to it any time the user presses the button, until a new one is set
  • Collision detection prevents Obi from charging straight onto that position if a wayward eye or hand happens to cross its path
  • Future versions of OBI could replace all manual manipulations by voice activations

Consumer Benefits

  • Safe: Obi is FDA compliant and is equipped with a collision detection monitor
  • Intuitive: setting up Obi is made easy with 4 bowls to choose from and 3 user controls (select bowl, locate mouth, bring food to mouth)
  • Companionship: Obi provides a friendly robot dining companion to sufferers of conditions such as ALS, cerebral palsy, MS, Parkinson’s, and brain or spinal injuries

How To Use

  • Obi can be tried risk-free for two weeks. The friendly companion can also be bought (at $4,500), leased with option to buy, or even rented for a fixed period of time
  • Once received, Obi is easy to setup with two button to push: select which of the four bowls to eat from, and a button to “teach” Obi where the mouth is located