Hotdocs helps transforming the frequently used documents and forms into intelligent templates

Country: Edinburgh, UK

Year: 1996


  • Hotdocs is used to create customised documentation which helps in controlling the content and reducing the amount of time taken to produce documents

Consumer Benefits

  • Reduction in the time spent on complex documentation: reporting module produces detailed performance reports to provide insight into an organization’s document generation and communication processes. XML rules engine provides document generation services and Q&A logic processing
  • Document control: Hotdocs templates embed all the internal controls to ensure accurate, risk-free document generation by end users
  • Easy Integration: the entire suite of application easily integrates with the different banking systems e.g BPM, CRM etc.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Risk Reduction
  • Enhanced Compliance
  • Operational Efficiency (enhanced accuracy, number of work hours saved per day per person, reduction in processing time of the documents)

Illustration (Key Use Cases)

  • HSBC Singapore uses HotDocs for the generation of facility letters for its corporate customers. Key benefits include minimizing of the risk of manual errors in documentation
  • RBS processes 350,000+ security and loan documents every year through Hotdocs
  • Streamlining the Loan generation process via digitizing loan agreements, insurance proposals

Key solutions available

  • Automated Document
  • Assembly Software