Forward is a stealth-mode start up that aim to be a preventative medical care, personalizing individual health plan using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence


Country: US

Year: 2016


  • Artificial Intelligence works with doctors in order to get quickly the right medical information and then compare it with client health data
  • Forward collects health data from clients through its mobile application
  • Forward provides the latest medical equipment in order to facilitate doctors decision making (digital stethoscope, large ergonomic screen, infrared light, etc.)

Consumer Benefits

  • Portable wealth information: patients’ health data and results can be held everywhere on patients’ phone
  • Simple medical access: patients have 24/7 access to a Forward’s nurse or doctor via the app
  • Specific medical appraisal: with data, devices and AI, patients benefit from a rapid and precise medical diagnosis

How To Use

  • Users sign in to in order to get the mobile application
  • Users enter their medical information and get more specified health info to the forward office (Body scanner, blood test, DNA sequencing)
  • Medical care is $149/month, including primary care, wellness as well as men and women’s healthcare