Finexkap is a new online factoring platform for SMEs


Country: France

Year: 2012


  • Finexkap is a French online factoring platform that offers working capital to small businesses
  • As a result, SMEs sell their invoices for cash through the online platform
  • In December 2016, the startup facilitated over 50 million euros of account receivables financing
  • This disruptive AR (Account Receivable) financing provides quick, flexible, and completely digitalized factoring. The startup calls itself a factor 2.0.
  • Finexkap responds to a factoring request within 48h. Its prices are completely transparent: between 1.4% to 4.8% of the total AR value

Consumer Benefits

  • Cashflow access to SMEs: managing short-term cash needs is one of the main issues faced by small businesses wherever they are. According to Finexkap, less than 3% of French small businesses use AR financing: the startup makes it more accessible for SMEs. They don’t need to wait for customers’ payment anymore
  • Quick: unlike traditional factors that take between 4 to 6 weeks to approve an account and complete a payment transaction, this online factoring provides a response in less than 48h
  • Convenient: from the registration to the cash delivery, all the processes are entirely digitized. The prices of factoring are simple and allow the SMEs to rapidly assess the costs
  • Flexible: users do not need to provide documents over a one-year or longer period! Even startups can be financed
  • No warranty required: unlike traditional factors, the startup does not ask for the personal CEO to stand surety

How To Use

  • First of all, users must fulfill the following conditions:
    • Solvent clients
    • The maturity date on their invoice is not exceeded
    • The service provided has been fully carried out
    • Your customers (companies) are based in France
  • Open an online, free, and paperless account. It takes about one minute!
  • Submit one or more invoices
  • Get a response for funding requests within 48h with a proposition
  • Users receive the funds directly to their bank account within 24h and use them to run their business!