Qonto is a French next generation bank for entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs


Country: France

Year: 2016


  • Qonto is an online banking service designed especially for entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs. This current account, with an IBAN and one or more business MasterCard, is an alternative to traditional banks
  • The platform is integrated with other Fintech services to improve efficiency and get good fares, such as international transfers. Some connected features are also integrated to the account, such as accounting and finance software (management of the invoices, budgets, business expenses…). Hence, Qonto gives users tools to better manage transactions and cash flows
  • The startup recently raised $1.7 million in January 2017 and plans to launch in April

Consumer Benefits

  • Quick and convenient: opening an account only takes 5 minutes. Qonto helps the user run their business efficiently to focus on the things that matter.
  • Paperless: all processes are online
  • Flexible: the banking solution can be tailored to fit any kind of need and business workflows. The API provides unlimited customizations
  • Cheaper than traditional banks: the startup aims to be up to 50% cheaper than its competitors

How to use

  • For now, Qonto is available in France by invite only