NEUMANN : a marketer for every customer

Country: Lebanon                                                                                                 

Year: 2015


  • NEUMANN aims to lead clients all the way to higher customer conversion and retention.
  • NEUMANN allows companies to monitor data points (number of digital or real world interactions, products purchased, spending per month or day, etc.) but more importantly to create triggers whenever one or the other reaches a threshold.
  • This platform will show the most relevant information about your clients and visualizations will surface any major data variations. With this platform companies can import and export database easily.

Consumer Benefits

  • Improve marketing: This platform is designed for marketing team who want to improve and transform their work through data for a better understanding of customer’s needs and trends.
  • Campaign and track management: This platform allows customers to do segmentation and targeted communication both lived on the same interface.
  • Data Science: Neumann helps companies to be more relevant in their marketing efforts by leveraging context and customer segment targeting.
  • Automation: With Neumann’s help, identify risk points and areas and create automatic marketing actions based on any significant data variation.

How To Use