Travel Notes’ white label platforms for banks and card processors aim to create seamless card holder experience when travelling


Country: USA

Year: 2012


  • Travel Notes offers white label platforms to banks and card processors to create a seamless card holder experience when their clients are travelling outside of their normal geographic area and avoid having their card declined
  • Two services are available: fraud protection and flight compensation:
    • The Travel Notes fraud protection programme automatically notifies the bank or card processor when the user books a holiday or flight with that card
    • The Flight Compensation programme helps users secure compensation whenever their flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked. Travel Notes have teamed up with legal experts to help with the paperwork
  • In 2016, Travel Notes was acquired by the Silicon Valley firm for an undisclosed amount

Consumer Benefits

  • For the general public:
    • No need to notify bank: when making travel plans, the bank is aware of the dates and regions/countries visited
    • No blocked cards: when making a payment abroad
    • Help claiming compensation: in the case of problems with their flights
  • For financial institutions:
    • Reduce operating costs: by reducing client interaction and manual update of client files
    • Drive customer loyalty: and prioritise own bank card instead of other banks with an integrated solution
    • Reduce risks: no loss means no fees to pay to Travel Notes
    • Compliant with industry standards: for security and Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encypted files and secure data tunnel with Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

How To Use

  • In the case of a delayed, overbooked or cancelled flight, users will receive an automatically generated notification (via email, text or push notification) that will send them to a link with a compensation approval form
  • In the case of a successful compensation claim, Travel Notes will take a 25-35% commission slice
  • Interested financial institutions can contact Travel Notes through their website for more details