MoolahSense, the web-based crowd-lending platform


Country: Singapore

Year: 2013


  • MoolahSense is Singapore’s pioneer and most trusted marketplace lending platform that connects SMEs who are seeking short-term business loans from prospective investors.
  • The platform empowers individuals to stimulate economic growth by providing finance directly to growth businesses, in exchange for attractive investment returns.
  • Choose between business loans or invoice financing and receive a loan in a matter of 5 days (subject to approval of all documents)
  • Investors get instant access to solid fixed, attractive yields while diversifying your investment portfolio.

Consumer Benefits

  • Diversify: Investors benefit from portfolio diversification while receiving fixed, attractive yields earning up to 21% p.a.
  • Crowdfinancing: SME’s able to benefit from an alternative financing option for their businesses.
  • Convenience: Apply at any time of day and application takes 5 minutes to complete.

How To Use

  • Register online at and fill out a short registration form.
  • Investors: browse lending deals, choose how much to lend out, then, receive fixed, attractive yields.
  • Borrowers: business must be a Singapore-registered Private-Limited or  LLP entity and comply with all other listed criteria