Lendix is Changing How SMEs borrow in France


Country: France

Year: 2014


  • Lendix allows the financing of SME development projects by individuals.
  • They can lend from €20 to  € 2,000 per project. 
  • Individual lenders and institutional lenders lend directly to companies with interest rates set according to the quality of the project

Consumer Benefits

  • Lendix offers access to a relatively untapped, quality market.
  • the default and prepayment rates are low which is good for investors.
  • There’s no fees for lenders and for borrowers, there’s no personal guarantee from company officers.

How To Use

  • Lendix lets private investors finance SMEs. In practice, once Lendix has accepted a project and set its interest rate, it’s submitted to investors on the platform.
  • It takes less than a week for a project to be financed.
  • Once the project is over, repayments (including interest and capital) are made monthly to the investor’s Account.