LaFinBox is a new app using API that offers a full-view of your financials and assets


Country: France

Year: 2015


  • The app LaFinBox, created by the startup CrossQuantum (a JV between SwissLife and the Fintech Budget Insight), enables its users to get a quick full-view of their financials and their assets. Through an API, it collects the data of different types of placements in various banks and institutions
  • The finances go from the checking accounts to specific placements and savings
  • The app shows the balance, but also allows to follow the placements line by line, and to receive personalized alarms on capital gain or loss
  • LaFinBox targets Millennials: young customers who use online banking
  • A roboadvisor will soon be integrated to the app to provide adapted advice and recommendations

Consumer Benefits

  • Accessible: LaFinBox allows the user to get a quick overview of their finances at a low cost
  • Convenient: The app is focused on the user experience, and can be used every day. The user can chose its way of reading by selecting the institutions (insurance, banks,…), the types of placements (savings, checkings, …) or the types of assets (shares, liquidity, …)
  • Freemium: the app is completely free! When out, fees will apply for advice and recommendations services

How To Use

  • Download the app
  • Enter the account numbers and the banking identification codes
  • Start using it!