DocDelta: The healthcare talent search engine


Country: UShealthcare recruitment analytics

Year: 2015


  • DocDelta is a marketing and sales automation platform, exclusively for the healthcare industry
  • DocDelta clients include: hospitals, staffing firms, agencies and medical technology companies

Consumer Benefits

  • Automated Lead Generation: Create detailed buyer persona segments and target lists using hundreds of actionable data points on 3.5 Million healthcare professionals. Including clinical, demographic, social and market data points
  • Database Enrichment: Improve healthcare professional data assets by adding missing data and preventing data decay – keeping your data relevant with highly actionable data points tied to unique healthcare provider identifier data

How It Works

  • Prospective customers can request a platform demo on the DocDelta website
  • After purchase, customers have access to the platform with the ability to find the low hanging fruit by matching opportunity with buyer personas created from hundreds of clinical, behavioral, geographic and social data points