TreasuryXpress develops solutions to handle the chain of cash management


Country: Paris

Year: 2007


  • TreasuryXpress has been developed to give all companies access to a world class Treasury Management System (TMS) product at the fraction of the price of the competition with rapid implementation.
  • This interface aims to provide smart, scalable and on-demand treasury management capabilities to access financial intelligence. This platform allows customers to take effective business decisions based on their risk profiles and liquidity level.
  • This platform is connected to more than 10,000 accounts worldwide and helps clients achieve accurate and comprehensive cash visibility.

Consumer Benefits

  • Speed & Efficiency: TreasuryXpress enables users to control and make secure and effective financial transactions.
  • Maximum ease: This interface allows customers to enhance their capabilities with cash, liquidity, risk management, financial planning and payment workflows.
  • Cost savings: The simple low cost monthly payments make this TMS affordable to all companies.
  • Flexibility: TreasuryXpress offers multiple implementation options to their clients.

How It Works

  • Demo: Interested users can go on and request a free demo account. Then, users enter personal information and send a message to the customers support.
  • Download: If satisfied, users can then contact TreasuryXpress to download the TMS solution.