Oocar is a connected device that helps you drive better


Country: France 

Year: 2015


  • OOCAR is an automotive smart data company
  • As a B2B2C company, OOCAR operates a smart car data platform for its partners, including leading insurers, dealerships and repair chains, to increase customer loyalty and diversify revenues.
  • It gathers data about the way you drive: acceleration, braking… and provides advice to improve driving behavior
  • The device has other functions, like geolocation and services to find the closest gas station
  • Autodis Group (car part broker) just took a minority stake into Oocar and conclude a partnership with the startup

Consumer Benefits

  • For the customer the solution is mainly a way to reduce the costs of car use
  • First, by following the recommendations he can reduce his fuel consumption
  • Second, he can lower the cost of its insurance (as the product aims mainly at offer a usage-based insurance for car insurers)

How To Use

  • The device is available for €40
  • Once plugged, the customer just need to download the app where data gathered are displayed and where he can have access to its amelioration program and personalized advice