Cellulant delivers connected one-stop mobile payments and digital commerce service in Africa.


Country: Kenya

Year: 2004


  • Cellulant is a mobile commerce company developing a payments ecosystem connecting financial sector customers, Mobile Network Operators and businesses to their increasingly mobile consumer.
  • Cellulant job is to deliver the most connected payment platform for Africa. Their role is to interconnect people and businesses to a single wallet.
  • Cellulant delivers transformative services for Africa’s finance, retail, agriculture, health, power, education, water and entertainment industries.
  • Cellulant powers three core products for consumers across Africa:
    • Mula: A bill payment platform that provides a convenient cashless and secure solution for paying your bills (airtime, power, water, Tv and parking)
    • Tingg: A one stop, cashless and convenient payment solution that enables customers to make and receive payments and access banking services all from a single platform
    • AgriKore: Also known as the eWallet, it’s a seamless technology that connects everyone to everything in agriculture. Agrikore provides easy access to finance, quality inputs and connections to prospective markets for farmers.

Consumer Benefits

  • Cellulant provides an easy, cashless and secure payment service for every day customers and businesses.
  • With AgriKore farmers have access to centralized information’s on the agriculture.
  • Access to many financial services directly from a mobile phone.

How To Use

  • When consumers order transactions directly with their mobile phone, for instance paying bills, Cellulant creates the link between bank and businesses to finally send a confirmation to the client that the transaction has been processed.
  • Businesses can order and receive payments by applying for a pay bill number to Mobile Network Operators, then submit the payment request to Cellulant, who will confirm with the Mobile Network Operator for security and finally notify the costumer and the business if the payment has been accepted.