About CH&Co.


Chappuis Halder & Co. is a consulting company specialising in Financial Services. We have expanded geographically from our origins in Geneva, now serving clients in all of the major financial centres across the globe. Our main focus is on 4 business areas: Insurance, Retail & Private Banking, Corporate & Investment Banking & Commodity Trading.

CH&Co. is anchored in the deep sector and functional knowledge of our consultants; all of us have a financial services background, and know the sector inside out. Because we do nothing else, and we operate across the globe, we are able to bring a rich seam of best practice ideas and benchmarking data to our clients.

Our unique positioning bridges the gap between technology and business to surf the digital wave.

Our value proposition:

  • Provide market insights to generate ideas, animate brainstorming sessions, challenge the offer design and improve the offer along the project
  • Foster innovation-culture, transform the business and the organization, to become digital-compatible
  • From concept to implementation, manage project to catalyst innovation, gathering and coordinating all the required competences

Our added value:

  • An international presence allowing to test on-field all digital innovations and collect concrete insights
  • Profile mix, experts in digital: our consultants have a consulting experience and also an operational experience in digital (start up, pure player, marketing expertize digital marketing, etc.)
  • A business expertize though a focus on the financial services: our precise understanding enables us to project digital innovations in your environment
  • A pragmatic and operational experience: for us, the framing cannot exceed 4 weeks and must rapidly begins with concrete actions
  • A strong investment in competitive intelligence and R&D

More information on www.chappuishalder.com