Author: bellz

Wealthica, a Montreal-based fintech startup, aims to consolidate and analyse all your investments in one place

Country: Canada Year: 2016 Founded by iWeb co-founders, who sold their last startup $145 million, Wealthica launched its services in April 2016. With an aim to tackle down the pain points of consolidating investments from various providers, Wealthica connects to users’ financial institutions and allows users to see all investments in one dashboard and get the […]

DXMarkets, a Singapore-based startup, offers a revolutionary trading platform to individuals and institutional investors alike

Country: Singapore Year: 2014 Launched in 2014, DXMarkets is a Singapore-based Fintech company that offers an innovative way for everyone to trade digital currencies. The company currently operates in both Singapore and the UK region. The platform leverages Blockchain technology to disrupt typical financial processes. Current product offering includes front-to-back settlement systems, digitization of illiquid […]

Bitspark, a Hong Kong fintech, operates a cash-in cash-out platform leveraging Bitcoin to offer remittance services in Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam

Country: Hong Kong Year: 2014 Launched in November 2014, Bitspark offers a web-based platform for licensed money remittance businesses. The platform uses bitcoin for its international network to send, receive and manage remittance services globally. Bitspark also provides clients with customer due diligence, storing historical data and detailed analytics services to evaluate and enhance their […]

SODA, a mobile security start-up providing the founding layer to secure files and communications across all platforms

Country: Singapore Year: 2014 Launched in 2014, SODA, a mobile security solutions start-up, is dedicated to Mobile Token Virtualization Infrastructure. The company uses advanced Token Virtualization Technology as a security infrastructure to implement mobile PKI security for mobile apps and payments. SODA’s main target are enterprise customers. Its tokenization is a cross-platform Enterprise Security Infrastructure which […]

Ironfly Technologies: a revolutionary trading platform applying neuroscience and cognitive psychology

Country: Hong Kong Year: 2013 Founded by 2 biomedical scientists, Ironfly Technologies offers a trading platform with instant insights into real-time market data. The platform applies the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology to make the real-time data fast, intuitive and visual for asset managers and investment dealers. Ironfly Technologies was one of the seven start-ups […], a Philippines-based bitcoin remittance service, charging 0% on transfers

Country: Philippines Year: 2014 Founded in 2014, is a Philippines-based company offering international money transfers, bills payments and prepaid loads via Bitcoin.  The platform let users send money from everywhere from the world with no fee charged on money transfer. Apart from individual transfers, its delivery options also include forwarding to most local banks, as […]

WeCash, China’s first online credit rating platform leveraging big data to provide credit solutions

Country: China Year: April, 2014 Founded in 2014, WeCash is the first online credit assessment platform that provides solutions for technology companies. WeCash leverages machine-learning algorithms to assess credit scores in less than 15 minutes. By mining about 600 million mobile users’ data, WeCash is able to quickly provide extensive credit scoring service and build customized solutions for […]