Author: Min Yi Ang

FangDD, a real estate platform that facilitates transactions between sellers and buyers through property brokers with a pay-for-performance revenue model

Digitization has a tremendous impact in the transactional industry, including real estate. While other industry players focus on generating advertising revenue for listings, FangDD has adopted a pay-for-performance model which charges commission only if a property transaction has completed.

Macrovue, a portfolio investment firm that allows investors to invest in uniquely themed and customizable global portfolios

Macrovue has received media limelight for its potential in disrupting the wealth industry for its themed customizable superannuation global funds. Though it has just commenced its services, it has received $1 million funding from AMP, a wealth giant, which aims to leverage on their capabilities to reach out to new tech savvy explorative clients.

8 Securities, an online and mobile trading and investing service that competes with banks in fees and advisory services

8 Securities is a market competitive mobile and online trading platform that provides invaluable consumer benefits that may challenge the core banking services offered by retail banks to their consumers. It allows both mobile and online trading of over 15,000 US, Hong Kong and China equities and funds. The trades are charged at affordable non-complicated flat fees with complimentary value-added access to market information. It has also recently launched a robo-advisor in Japan.