Author: Raphaella Nolleau

Cryptosense produces software that simulates the actions of a powerful intruder to detect vulnerabilities in cryptographic systems before a true attack takes place

Cryptosense develops and distributes solutions that checks the reliability and solidness of encrypted systems (ATMs, PINs, security keys or company data back-up systems) via reverse-engineering and model-checking algorithms.

Darktrace’s unique Enterprise Immune System technology learns networks’ behaviour to recognise unusual or suspicious behaviour and protect against internal or external attacks

Built on Bayesian mathematics* and machine learning, Darktrace’s “Enterprise Immune System” (EIS) detects previously unidentified internal threats and external advanced cyber-attacks in real time. Its evolving, probability-based algorithms look for behaviour that differentiates from the norm and alerts IT departments to suspicious behaviour.

InsurETH runs smart contracts on the Ethereum platform to automate insurance claims and refund in case of flight delays or cancellations

InsurETH built a flight insurance product at the London Blockchain Hackathon in 2015 that lets users insure their flight directly with an Ethereum smart contract. Unlike motor insurance for car accidents, flight delays or cancellations claims do not need additional assessment and can be based on public data.

Jewel Paymentech is a financial risk technology company that develops intelligent risk solutions for the banking and electronic payments industry

Jewel Paymentech identifies illegal activities and complaints from payment networks via an algorithm functioning on machine learning, image analysis, natural language processing and social media sentiments which allows the bank to intercept transaction messages and reduce potential fraud.

Amareos is an intelligent analysis solution of financial information based on quantification of market sentiments

Amareos is an application that provides financial markets information to better advise users on their investments. The application analyses data from social media and news articles to provide market sentiment (fear, joy etc.). The analytics and market sentiments services are provided to a wide range of clients such as large financial organizations, private banks, hedge funds, insurance companies and help clients find new insights.

Brolly is UK’s first artificial intelligence-powered insurance application which helps users choose the best insurance policy on the market

Brolly is a personal insurance concierge which informs customers about their insurance policies, with features such as alerts on the level of insurance (over or under-insured), missing or duplicates insurance covers. Brolly also acts as an insurance comparator helping the customer to get the best price on a given insurance.