Author: timjaekle

Trustatom offers multiple solutions to enhance the security and validity of online transactions

Trustatom has developed a free API, Trustatom ID, which is a more user-friendly multifactor authentication solution which allows users to approve actions with a cryptographic signature (as opposed to the popular two-factor authentication model requiring users to enter a 4-10 digit code that is typically emailed or texted to them)

Investec Asset Management has partnered with brand consulting firms in order to enhance their digital image, improve the look-and-feel of the website and strengthen content online

Investec Asset Management is a young firm that is not hugely advanced in the domain of digital. Their expertise in digital remains low and thus they have focused on creating partnerships with external parties in order to construct their digital strategy and revamp their image on digital platforms.

Vanguard Investments is making efforts to gradually expand its’ digital activities by engaging different stakeholders, establishing partnerships and launching a social media presence

Vanguard has a client-owned structure (the company is owned by its funds, which in turn are owned by their shareholders) allowing no conflict of interest in the management. The funds offered cost consistently among the lowest in the industry.