Asset / Wealth Management

BondIT provides propriety analytical solutions to bond portfolio managers and advisors by enabling them to create and manage personalized and algorithmically-enhanced bond portfolios

BondIT drives sales by empowering relationship managers and trading desks with data-driven, personalized, optimal investment recommendations thus increasing trade flow and revenues.

Canopy (developed by Mesitis), is an account aggregation and reporting platform for high net-worth individuals and their wealth managers

Through an aggregated, single portfolio overview across accounts in different institutions, Canopy allows users to visualize their net worth and make sense of their financial holdings, leading to better investment and wealth management decisions. Canopy is a Software-as-a-Service offered by Mesitis, a fintech start-up focused on the private wealth industry.

Betterment is the largest Robo-Advisor in terms of number of investors (70,000), and is famous for providing its users with an enriched user experience

Betterment is a Robo-Advisor that targets people investing in order to achieve predefined goals (retirement, financing children studies, building a safety net, etc…). When a goal is considered unrealistic, Betterment make recommendations to modify it.