Corporate Banking

Chain is a provider of blockchain technology solutions for financial institutions so that they can launch their own blockchain-based products or services

Chain is a platform enabling financial institutions to create, issue, store and streamline the processing of buying and selling assets (foreign currencies, stocks, corporate bonds, etc.) on private blockchain networks. Chain is based on the Bitcoin protocol and can be used with other cryptocurrencies.

Prospa, an Australian SME online lending platform, tied-up with Westpac

Country: Australia Year: December, 2012   Founded in 2012, Australian-owned platform Prospa provides business loans to Australian small business. It provides quick online applications within 10 minutes, coupled with its proprietary technology platform, allowing small business access to short-term capital between $5,000 and $250,000 within 24 hours. Recently Prospa announced a partnership with Westpac. The […]

BondIT provides propriety analytical solutions to bond portfolio managers and advisors by enabling them to create and manage personalized and algorithmically-enhanced bond portfolios

BondIT drives sales by empowering relationship managers and trading desks with data-driven, personalized, optimal investment recommendations thus increasing trade flow and revenues.

ApexPeak Helps SME Owners Turn Invoices into Cash

ApexPeak provides capital or lines of credit to SMEs by offering receivables- and/or purchase order-financing along with sector-tailored products for the entertainment and media industry. Presently ApexPeak serves clients in Singapore and South Africa with occasional dealings in other emerging markets, and are eyeing opportunities in Southeast Asian economies.

MYBank, backed by Alibaba, is an all-digital 24/7 bank, with no physical branches, focusing at those with limited access to financial services in China

MYBank is aimed at individuals who expect more out of the existing banking system: SMEs who struggle to fit into a financial bracket for loans and services, and those in rural areas who have issues accessing branches and banks in person.